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Last Blitzkrieg

Baptism By Fire: The Battle of Kasserine

Brazen Chariots

Panzers Last Stand

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BCS Series Rules v2.0

BCS Series Tables v2.0

BCS Series Support Booklet v2.0

BCS Series Rules v1.2

BCS Charts and Tables v1.2

BCS Crib Notes v1.2

BCS Series Rules v1.1

BCS Charts and Tables v1.1

ALL BCS Errata (Series and Game Specific, 30 Aug 21)

Series Rules Errata (22 Aug 21)

BCS Support Example

BCS Crib Notes v1.1

BCS Official Variants and Optionals
An outstanding play through video series by Doug Fitch using LB...highly recommended.
New BbF and LB Counters in Brazen Chariots !
BCS Dice Roller App courtesy of Philip Lauffenburger
French BCS Rules Translation

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