CWB Regimental Sub-Series

Series Rules v2.0

Last Revision: 10 Nov 2005

* Version 2.0 corrected errata in the original charts and tables.
1. On the Small Arms Range Table, HR is Henry Repeaters. Add SH for Shotgun. Shotguns are 3x in CC, 1x at range 1, and cannot fire at range 2 or more.
2. On the Straggler Check Tables, there should be a +2 modifier for Night turns.

7-01 This Hallowed Ground

Last Revision: 5 Sept 2000

1. In scenarios 6.2 and 6.4 Archer's Repl leader (his flip side) should set up, not Archer himself.

2. In scenario 6.5, the reference to 12 NJ in D1.28 should be the 12 NH instead.

3. The headings for VPs for losses on page 7 show Confederate Losses on the far left, the heading should be for the last column on the right.

4. Variable Arrivals: Begin rolling on the turn listed, once per game turn. Reinforcements arrive if the roll is 10 or more on two dice.

5. Union Reinforcement Chart, Order explanation number 7 should read hex E8.31, not C7.32 for the road junction to turn onto the Wolf Hill Road.

6. In the four-map campaign scenario, Reynolds and the 1st Corps troops that normally enter at 8:00am in the five-map version need to be posted up the road two turn's movement given that this scenario starts at 8:30am.

7. The ANVa HQ currently enters without orders. It should have orders to move to Herr Tavern.

8. Dave Powell and Rick Barber recently discovered (by a foot tour of a cow pasture) a heretofore forgotten feature of the Battle of Gettysburg (yes, as odd as that seems). There was a quarry on the 1st Day's battlefield that was a serious obstacle to movement. This feature can be shown by changing the following hexsides to railroad cut hexsides. B21.01 to B22.01, B22.00 to B22.01, and B23.01 to B22.01 with the up and down side effects as is true of the other RR Cut hexsides. The quarry had 10 foot high walls cut into the side of the hill.

*** Counters ***

In 3/1/12, the 13 NY Regiment should be the 13 NJ Regiment. The data on the unit is correct, the name is incorrect.
The commander of 3/1/3 (DeTrobriand) should be a Colonel, not Brig. General.
1/1/1 commander's name is Meredith, not Meredeth as listed on the counter.

The commander of S/J/2 should be Steuart, not Stueart.
13th Alabama (Archer's Brigade, H-3) has an icon for Tennessee; should be Alabama.
A few State outlines on Reb Cavalry are wrong: 2 NC should be NC, 1 SC should be SC, Cobb Lgn should be Ga, JD Lgn should be Miss, Phllps Lgn should be GA.

7-02 This Terrible Sound

Last Revision: 7 March 2013 See PDF file in Game Specific page

7-03 A Fearful Slaughter

Last Revision: 13 May 2008

1. In many cases, references need to have "1" added to them. For instance, in 3.3c(a), the reference to 2.2b should be 3.2b.

2. Units with F morale (all of which are dismounted cavalry) check for stragglers on the E morale column. All such units have a C morale on their mounted side, and may recover stragglers using the higher morale.

3. (2.4 clarify): When exiting an EZOC, roll on the morale table and apply the result normally, including stragglers and additive effects (series rule 24.4). On a result of NE, the unit may move normally, regardless of any existing morale state. On any other result, the unit may not move, but must retreat the number of hexes indicated by the morale result. Units that are BL or Normal Morale may enter Close Combat on an adjacent enemy unit without rolling for withdrawal from EZOC.

4. (3.3c (c)): Unassigned Union army and division units are not in Command radius unless within 6 hexes of A55.14. Only units that are part of a division OR assigned to the division follow an ER. Roll for stragglers for ATenn using the D morale if any army units are assigned to the division, or roll for each unit separately if using the Regimental Loss Charts.

5. (3.5) Union units become Alert due to the Alert Schedule at the beginning of the Union player turn. A Union leader cannot move until his formation is alerted. Alert markers are placed on units as they become alerted. After about 6 turns, they are no longer needed.

6. (6.9, pg 27): Under Prentiss' troops, delete the reference for 16 Iowa being out of ammo, and delete the reference in orders (pg 28) regarding resupply. Both of the references should be for 15 Mich a & b (listed under Army troops).

7. (6.11) Scenario 6.11 special rules override series rules. For functions like CAS and Emergency Retreats, units "in-command" retreat, and then the leader has to go around and gather up the other units and march them back to his command. The leader will be in no-orders status, but is allowed to go "gather up" any stranded units. Rule 2.4 remains in effect, so units will have to roll for Withdrawal from EZOC.

8. (6.11a, c, d): You cannot trace command radius along roads and tracks in woods or thicket hexes. Units that start a scenario with orders may move, even if not within command radius of a Brigade Commander. Units in a hex that another unit retreats through do not retreat, even if Routed.

9.  (5.1) The Union gets 0 Victory Points for B31.05. The columns under 5.1 are labeled correctly.

10.   The roll of 9 result for the Random Event Table on the map is incorrect, it should be Brigade Collapse as it is on the tables in the rulebook.

Scenario Setups
CSA division H/3 should be 1/3; C/H/3 = C/1/3, etc. (the counters are correct).
Unalerted Union units may set up in any formation.
2,3/4 ILL Cav (5/T), is just one counter: 4 ILL Cav.
1/2 ILL Cav (6/T) should read 1/11 ILL Cav, 2/11 ILL Cav.

Hodgson's battery is 5th Co. Washington battery.
Numbers in parenthesis after a unit are the number of strength points remaining in that unit.

Scenario 6.5
E 2 ILL Bty(2) [1/T] sets up in A29.11, not B29.11
5 Ohio Cav (4/T) should be 1,5 Ohio Cav and 2,5 Ohio Cav.
2&3/4 Ill Cav (5/T) should be 4 ILL Cav.
11 ILL Cav (6/T) should be 1,11 ILL Cav and 2,11 ILL Cav.
Remove reference to Res Corps Supply and to 19 Tenn (in S/Res setup).
Replace references to "A Tenn" with "A Miss".
(clarify) Hindman is wounded (no Repl) so 1/3 reports directly to Hardee.
The orders for 15 Iowa a & b, and 16 Iowa a & b are "informal orders".
The number of wrecked regiments for R/1/1 is 2 not 1.

Scenario 6.6
under 3/5/Tsetup: delete A 1 Ill Bty.
under 10/4/O setup: delete 9 Ind.
under 6/Tenn setup: 11 Ill Cav should be 1,2/11 Ill Cav.

Scenario 6.9
In Sc 6.9, the 7th ILL should be in A44.17.

A&B, 2 ILL cavalry (2/T) should be A&B, 1 ILL

*** Charts & Tables ***

Confederate Random Event Table
a roll of 12 is Corps Attack Stoppage. The table on map A should say Corps Attack Stoppage, not Divisional Attack Stoppage.

Reinforcement Schedule
Army of Ohio Supply Wagon and Train arrive on April 6th at 4:45 with Nelson.
Fort Donelson Garrison - start rolling at 8 am. The rulebook is correct.
Arrival of CSA F Corps should be 8:00am, not 9:00am.

Regimental Loss Charts
CSA 3/P/F brigade should be 00/00 for Bde Wreck. The correct order of pages for the Regimental Loss Charts is 1, 2, 3, 4, 11, 10, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

Brigade Loss Charts
The number of boxes under Wrecked Regiments is incorrect for several brigades. The number of boxes and wreck points for Wrecked Rgts should match the boxes under "Bde Wreck" on the Regimental Loss Charts.

Boxes are missing for Union and Confederate cavalry, and for Pike/W brigade. Write in a set of boxes for these units as listed below. They do not add to the wreck level of any brigade or division, except for Pike/w which is a separate brigade.

Unit	Morale	Stragglers		Wrecked Regiments
Cav 1/T	B	00000000000000000000	-
Cav 2/T	C	00000000000000000000	-
Cav 3/T	D	00000000000000000000	-
Cav 4/T	C	00000000000000000000	-
Cav 5/T	D	00000000000000000000	-
Cav 6/T	C	00000000000000000000	-
Cav 2/O	D	00000000000000000000	-
Cav 3/O	C	00000000000000000000	-
Cav 1 Corps   B	00000000000000000000	-
Cav 1/2	B	00000000000000000000	-
Cav 2/2	C	00000000000000000000	-
Pike/W	D	00000000000000000000	00/000

*** Counters ***

A&B, 1 ILL cavalry (2/T) should be A&B, 2 ILL.

45 Tenn infantry has a brigade name of S/Tenn which should be S/Res.

1 Miss/1 Corps cavalry is missing slash "/" on the back, and should say Mtd instead of Col.

Ga Dragoons (W/1/3) should say Mtd instead of Col.

7-04 South Mountain

Last Revision: 20 May 2008

*** Counters ***

Chicago Dragoons in 9th Corps, They belong to 2/K/9, printed as 1/K/9. Loss chart is correct.

E/2 US Artillery Battery (Arty/1/9) should be HvR, not R.

The two Cav replacement counters for AFS are still in error. The morale on the back of them should be as per the originals, 1 Miss should be a B and the Ga Dragoons a C. The morale on the front of the counter is correct as is the slash and Mtd markings that were errors in the originals.

The 5 Va Cavalry is listed as having a morale of B on the Brigade Loss Charts. This should be a C. The counter and the Regimental Loss Charts are correct. .

*** Loss Charts ***

On the Regimental Loss Charts, the 28 Ohio (2/K/9) has 14 boxes when it should have 15. Place the extra box after the check mark.