Civil War Brigade Series


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Strike Them a Blow
Three Battles of Manassas

Embrace an Angry Wind

Malvern Hill
Seven Pines
Bloody Roads South

Gaines Mill

Barren Victory
Champion Hill
August Fury

April's Harvest

Thunder at the Crossroads II 

No Better Place to Die
  In Their Quiet Fields
CWBS version 3.2 Rules with updated charts
New Command Charts to use with version 3.0 or 3.2 rules
Games using New Graphics
Thomas Prowell's Random Events
Pat's Simple Orders for CWB

Version 3.0 Rules

Version 3.0 Tables

CWB3.0 Series Errata

 CWB3.0 Rules Index
 Matt Farrand's CWB Specific Dice Rolling App



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