Napoleonic Battle Series

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Espinosa  (Free NBS 3.0 game)


Talavera - Vimeiro

Montebello  (Free NBS 3.0 game)

NBS 3.0 Charts
NBS 3.0 Rules
Version 3.0 Designer's Notes
Version 3.0 Errata
Random Events
Version 3.0 NBS Index

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3.0 Example of Play
Marengo 3.0 Update
Austerlitz  3.0 Update
Aspern-Essling 3.0 Update

Concealed Forces Markers

Version 2.1 Errata

Version 2.1 Rules

Version 2.1 Charts


New!!  ADC2 module for Espinosa

Who was Acevedo?

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