Line of Battle Series


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Line of Battle Rules can be used with the previous CWR games

This Terrible Sound

This Hallowed Ground

A Fearful Slaughter
South Mountain
None but Heroes
Last Chance for Victory
To Take Washington

Version 2.0 Line of Battle Series Rules

Version 2.0 Line of Battle Series Charts and Tables

Line of Battle Series Game Specific Updates (AFS, TTS, SM, THG)

Version 2.0 Line of Battle Series Errata

LoB/LCV Clarifications

John Cissel's Combined LoB Clarifications

Complete LoB Errata

CWR 3.0 Series Rules

CWR Version 2 Rules

CWR Version 2 Charts and Tables

CWR Version 2 Series Errata

Vassal modules for LOB and CWR (RSS)

LoB Dice Rolling App courtesy of Matt Farrand

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