Tactical Combat Series

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Bloody 110

GD 40

Objective Schmidt
Hunters From the Sky
A Raging Storm
A Frozen Hell

Black Wednesday

Semper Fi

Screaming Eagles in Holland

Bloody Ridge

Force Eagle's War

GD 42

Canadian Crucible


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Ver. 4.02 Series Rules Version 4.02 Charts and Tables
LOS Calculator (Excel) Ver. 4.02 Series Rules in Italian
Op Sheet Symbols Ver. 4.02 Series Rules in Spanish
Ver. 4.0 Series Rules French Translation of 4.0 Series Rules

Lee's YouTube TCS Tutorials

Ver4.0x Conversion Rules

Ops Article on TCS Maneuver #1

Ops Article on TCS Maneuver  #2

Series Errata

Ops Article on TCS unit values


Ops Article on Op Sheets

Ops Article on changes from TCS 3.1 to 4.0

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