Each Entry has the Date of LAST Revision:


TCS Series (ver 4.01) (17 January 2015)

1. Add to the end of the last sentence in 6.7c: …has been declared a success[6.11a] or failure [6.11b] does not count… The ‘or failure [6.11b] is the new part

2. Wrong Road Moving modifier (-1) shown in rule 11.3f, it should be +1

TCS Series (ver 4.0) (8 July 09)

1. See 4.1 errata

TCS Series (ver 3.1) (2 Sept 99)

1. The Area Fire Table's "Three Dice" result columns shifted one space to the left each of the dice results at the right of the table is one column left of where it should be. This was corrected in the printing of these tables in Black Wednesday and beyond.

2. In the example of SYRs after rule 16.2, the Morale Table die roll should be 56, not 36 and the SYR Table roll should be 3, not 4. Finally, the SYR result of the example should be Retreat 4 Hexes, -1 step", not "Retreat 5 Hexes, -1 step."

3. Step 5 of the LOS explanation (rule 8.2) should read "...greater than..." NOT "...greater than or equal to...", so as to conform to the diagram at the top of the page (which is correct).

4. The reference in 8.3c to 8.3h is in error there is no 8.3h. Ignore the reference.

5. Vehicles and Carriers which conduct an SYR with other (presumably SYR-capable) units are not exempt from Overwatch fires their movement generates Overwatch fires normally.

6. As a expansion of 17.7a (Rocket Artillery), place the Barrage marker long enough to execute any potential Artillery vs. Point Target attacks. When those are resolved, remove the marker. The presence of this marker is for those Point attacks only no attacks are made against units which SYR or whatever within the temporary barrage zone.

7. Rephrase the next to last sentence of rule 1.2 to read: "Units must end their retreat further from all enemy units (counting only those units which have the retreating unit in range and LOS when the retreat begins) than when they begin the retreat."

8. Ignore all references to a 'moving in a minefield' modifier in 21.0d (and anywhere else you might see one) as there is no such modifier.

9. All minefield hexes (breached or not) are Bottleneck hexes...not just Breaches as noted in 20.1c.

10. Add to 6.14d: "Once started, you must make the check each Command Planning Phase until either it succeeds or the Op Sheet calling for it is thrown out."

11. Add to 25.5c: "Remove the Barrage Marker after executing the attacks."


2-01 Bloody 110th (27 Aug 96)

1. Add the 38th PzJg Bn (all) to the Historical Order of Arrival to the other units arriving at 0200, 17 Dec 44. That the 273 Flak did not enter the map is correct, and it should not be on the Order of Arrival.

2. Only one German Bridge may be built during the game. If a bridge allows the use of Areas 3 and 4, the player need not wait to reduce Hosingen before using Area 3 when the bridge is up. Hosingen only makes units wait which are trying to enter Areas 4 or 5.

3. 2 PG Regimental troops, 2x Gw38(t), enter with 2/2 PG in the Historical Order of Arrival.

4. One 38th Pioneer Platoon was printed without a morale. It has the same morale as the others in its company (5.)

5. The four German 75mm artillery batteries should be 105mm. All 75mm ammo given in the scenarios should be added to the 105mm totals.


2-02 Objective: Schmidt (Before 6 Dec 94)

1. Teaching Scenario #4, Forward Observer, ignore the portion of the U.S. Victory Condition that calls for occupation of all of Vossenack.

2. Scenario 3: Ignore the German 150mm Artillery ammo supply. It is not needed.

3. Scenario 5: Under German Artillery Batteries Available, 1/843 should instead be the 1/4/89.

4. The German Fus/275th should have morale boxes for each company, 1 through 4, instead of just one box for the battalion.

5. D/86 Chem Mortars should not be on the Order of Arrival it sets up at start.

6. American Variable Reinforcement Schedule result number 5 should include C Company, 20th Engineers.


2-03 Omaha (Before 6 Dec 94)


1. The Panzer Lehr Mk V's should have a defense of 4 and movement of 18.

2. One mortar platoon in each of 4/1/915 and M/3/116 is incorrect on the back they should read A A 4.

3. An MG section in H/2/18 is incorrect on the back should read A A 5.

4. The M3 in D/745 with A A 6 on the back should read the same as the other M3's.

5. One of the Recon platoons in the 1st ID Recon Company is listed as A B on the back, should be A A.


1. Scenario 9 lists Panzer Lehr's artillery as 105mm, it should be 150mm and the ammo for the Germans should also be this type.

2. Add the following to the German Variable Reinforcement Table in scenario 1:

The dice roll result of 5-6 on the Reinforcement Table should read 1/352 PJ or 2/352 PJ. The German player has his choice of one of these units if one is already in play, he gets the other on a later roll of 5 or 6.

3. Pill Boxes are never considered dug in for terrain effects. All the Pill Boxes on maps A and B are used when determining the survival roll modifier. Pill Boxes do not get the benefit of "being stacked with infantry" on the AT Roll Table unless an actual infantry unit is present in the pill box's hex.

4. Fortified Zone effects and other terrain effects are cumulative. The net modifier for terrain on a pill box in the open should be 0. Note that PB's are not considered AT Guns for terrain effects they act like immobile tanks.

5. Artillery vs. Rocket Pits on the Artillery vs. Point Target Table: Rocket pits are assumed to have a defense rating of more than 2 and no modifier is applied for the reason of "weak defense."

6. LCT(R) fires whose center hex drifts off-map or into the sea are lost and of no effect. There is no effect for the "edge" of a rocket fire which a player might argue is still on the beach. If it goes out to sea, it is all lost. Let's keep it simple.

7. PB squads are considered dug in, in the hex their Pill Box was located if they are in fire mode. If they move from that hex, they lose that status.

8. The Shingle modifier (-2) is in addition to the normal terrain effects of the hex the target is in i.e. open.

9. AT Rolls against Pill Boxes at ranges one or less are allowed. Range two is not.

10. Leaders land with any of their own units: CO 1/16 lands with any unit of 1/16, CO 16 RCT would land with any unit of the 16 RCT, etc. Note the restrictions on which leaders are allowed to make up the pool on page 7. In the one map scenarios, divide the number of leaders to be selected by 2, round up

11. The Variable Reinforcement Table for Scenario 2 has two places where a roll of 9 would end up. The dice rolls for each table position should be 2-9, 10, 11-12.

12. The "1st Flak Corps" mentioned in the German Order of Battle should be read as the 1st Flak Regiment, 3rd Flak Corps.


2-04 Matanikau (Before 6 Dec 94)

1. Any unit can assault across the Matanikau River. There is no limitation on Banzai Mode units for this purpose.

2. One of the Whaling Scout units has a range of 6, they should all have ranges of 4.

3. The Marine Halftracks with the 75mm guns should have the white number on red box indicator of point weapons on the front.

4. Use any available marker for the Marine Steps Killed in Assault Combat track.

5. In scenario 5.6 there is a reference to an SBD aircraft there is no such aircraft in the game, ignore the reference.

6. The 29th Japanese Regiment belongs to the 2nd Division (as listed on the counters and OB on the back of the rules), not the 18th Division as on the Morale Box Sheet.

7. If a Banzai result happens during an assault combat, do the following: A) remove any Suppressed Marker from the Japanese, B) Flip them to Move Mode, C) Place a Banzai Marker atop them, D) Continue the assault with the Japanese as the attackers regardless of who was the attacker before. If the Japanese win, remove the Banzai Marker.

8. No Mines are available to either side in any scenario of this game.


2-05 GD'40 (15 Aug 09)

1.2 Motorcycle units use the reduced cost for movement on Primary, Secondary AND Tertiary Roads as stated on the Terrain Effects on Movement and Combat chart.




Standard Scenarios:


Optional Rules:



GD '40 update for 4.0 rules (August 2009)

1.2 All units of the 6 GRDI including the Motorcycle Infantry units may be on the same Op Sheet and still take advantage of Series rule 6.9e.

1.3 When using the optional rule, treat such units as being carried by trucks (B-0) and halftracks (B-1) when attacked. Like integrated carries (24.2) the decision needs to be made at the beginning of their move and lasts until the next action phase. Should enemy units be within the 20-hex range at the beginning of the owning player's action phase these units become instantly dismounted.

2.1 The Germans use the (9) row for artillery in GD '40. Ignore any called fire delays.

2.2 & 3.2 Divide Artillery HE and Smoke ammunition allotments by 4 (TCS18.2).  Illum allotments remain the same.

2.3 & 3.3 Revised air tables:  See 4.0 Morale Sheets

3.1 The French use the (9) row for artillery. Ignore any called fire delays.

3.4 Vehicle Morale values reflect the average amount of French tanks that actually arrive.  Tanks lost to breakdown do not count against Vehicle Morale.  Use the number of tanks that actually arrive for applying 17.8e.

3.5 Replace 'company’ morale with ‘battalion’ morale.  French Series "B' units only recover Battalion morale on 'even' hour turns (0800, 1000, 1200) etc. 

Terrain Effects on Movement and Combat chart:  Ignore note #1 (see TCS 20.1b and c).

Ignore all starting Company Morale values given in scenarios (TCS 17.1f).


Revised Air Tables

German Air Power

Die Roll

Planes Received




1x Ju87, 1x Me109


2x Ju87, 2x Me109


1x Ju87, 1x Me109


2x Ju87, 2x Me109

French Air Power

Die Roll

Planes Received




1x MS 406


2x MS 406, 1x Br 691


2x MS 406



2-06 Hunters from the Sky (20 Dec 94)

1. Some of the contour lines are mislabeled on the map. If precision is important in a given instance, follow the contour line for a few inches and see if the value assigned to it changes if it does, use the smaller elevation.

2. The Commonwealth reinforcements listed for 0240 and 0440, 22 May should be 0300 and 0400 respectively.

3. Change one platoon from HQ1-23 NZ to 4(6)3 from the printed 2(6)4 ratings. This unit is what remains of B Company.

4. For a more precise historical landing plan, allow for the following:

a) 20 May 0740 half of 14-IV Sturm, 1/3 of 3-7 Flak, and half of 1-7 Art lands with 9-III Sturm.

b) 21 May HQ-2FJ lands with 7 PJ, not with II-2FJ


2-07 Black Wednesday (10 Dec 00)

1. The Order of Battle and Counter Manifest incorrectly lists 3x MG Companies as part of the 72 Rifle Division's Divisional troops there are no such units and the listing is in error.

2. One T-26 of 2RB has a movement allowance on its counter of 30, it should be a 15 like all the others.

3. In Scenario 3, all the 72nd Rifle Div Divisional Troops are available for entry on or after 0600, along with the first two regiments of infantry.

4. (clarification) Wire breach markers are not directional; all hexsides of a fully breached wire hex are passable as open terrain.

5. The mention of III-390 in the Historical Reinforcement Option is incorrect. There is no III-390. Ignore that entry.


2-08 Leros (05 Jan 2010)

Scenario 3–Night Melee: Küst Co (Less 3 Steps) sets up w/i 3 of B58.11   (with III-440).

1.1d clarification: Open terrain is considered to be Partly Protective for all purposes except it is still treated as Open terrain for spotting ranges.

1.2g In order to resolve the conflict between the two rules regarding coastal batteries (one stating they can only fire once per phase and the other claiming they can fire once per Landing Zone), the correct version is that they can only fire once per phase.

Parachute Loss Table:

Battalion Morale Boxes:

British 2 inch Mortars:


Leros update for 4.0 rules (August 2009)

1.1g Ignore this rule.

1.4c & 1.4d Ignore “and artillery Attack Zones do not block line of sight.”

1.7 Units with assault benefits have a -1 morale in Assault combat and also receive a +1 shift on the Fire Table when firing.

2.5 British Naval fire is executed on the 9 row without any further modifiers on the Artillery Adjustment Table.


2-09 GD'41 (28 April 99)

1. The following are errors in the Counter Manifest on the back of the rulebook, in all cases the actual counters are correct.

o 3 Co, 49 PZ has 2x AT, not 3x AT

o AT Co, 10 Gd Inf Rgt has 6x AT, not 4x AT

o Add the Inf Gun Co, 6 Gd Div (4x Inf Gun)

o In the 4th Tank Brigade, the "235" Tank Battalion should be the 253 Tank Battalion.

o Delete the German 19-V-GD Company.

o Add the German 20-V-GD Company (6x 20mm AA Tracks)

2. For rule 1.3 the designations on the counters were reversed, so use w=tracked and t=truck instead.

3. For rule 1.4b, the Soviets always use a Prep Rating of 6 for activating reserves.

4. On the Soviet Variable Reinforcement Chart, the 11-12 roll no later than time should be 0900, 24 Oct.

5. On the German Variable Reinforcement Chart, the 2-5 roll allows the 3-521 PJ Co to enter with I-6 Pz Bn.

6. The 18-GD Company should be pioneers, not regular infantry.

7. For the Guderian's Blitzkrieg scenario (page 23), the 41 Soviet Cav Division should set up in A39.02, not A39.01.

8. The FOs for the 34th Gd and 26 Gd artillery battalions show mortars on their counters, these mortars should not be there.


2-10 Semper Fi!   (3 June 2011)

1. The 1440 turn is missing from the Turn Record Chart. No, there was no mysterious time-space problem then...just further proof that I (Dean) can't count.

2. In scenario 4.1, the "Road Column Display" was accidentally omitted from the map. Simply line the Marines up off map in a queue to enter at 11.01. The column should enter one unit per hex (i.e. they cannot stack). Units entering along the road at 11.01 must move "west"...that is scatter direction 1. They must remain in Move Mode and use Road Movement until contact is made. Delete the reference to roads being bottleneck features.
The 2nd Bn, 15th NK Rgt is called for, it has (however) 6x Inf and 2x MG...not the amounts listed.

3. Scenario 4.2: The US Set Up hexes should be 5.12, 7.14, 9.16, and 14.07.

4. Scenario 5.1: Scatter direction 1 is North. US set up Boundary (with 9 RCT) runs from 1.14 along the road to 10.13, then to 15.11. Marines can enter the boundary hexes, but cannot move north of them. The hill at 5.05 is 147, not 117. The Blue area in the corner is flooded Rice Paddy (treat as regular Rice Paddy). Scenario boundary: Marines can enter hexes in the xx.06 hexrow, but not the xx.05 or further south. This boundary is in effect in both 5.1 and 5.2, but not for 5.3.

Elevations: The Hill names are not the actual elevations, but their historical designations.

5. Scenario 6.0: In the rules, it states that Fox Hill occurred 28-30 Nov. The correct dates are Nov 18-20. Direction 1 is North. All the US set ups saying w/i 2 7.08 should be w/i 2 7.07. Toktong Pass is the road crossing the ridge at 13.09. Shifting victory one level from Draw goes to Minor Victory.

6. Scenario 7.0: Both groups of buildings are considered to be Hagaru. Treat any hex with an elevation of 1100 or higher as Broken. In 7.2: US Tanks should have a prepared defense op sheet (they shouldn't go gallivanting off into the night to flank the Chinese). Chinese victory conditions: "Entering" Hagaru-ri means being in any Hagaru-ri hex for any length of time, including that spent in Assault combat. The minor condition's elevation should be 1220 (like the major conditions). In 7.3 replace the references to the Supply Dump to Hagaru-ri. If using the free set-up variant, start the scenario at 2100 instead of 2200. Free Set-Up Infiltration: Infiltrating units are not spotted while moving during the turn they infiltrate (they are spotted normally if moving through Illum lighted zones). The intent is to allow them to move adjacent to a US unit without being revealed, unless the area is under Illum. This is an exception to the normal rules regarding concealed units. Scenarios 7.2 and 7.3 should use the US Indirect Fire rules from 7.1.

7. 3-172 Bn (Chinese) is missing the usual three MG Sections.

8. The M4/76's should have a defense of 4...however, this has no effect on play, as they never face point fires.

9. The counter manifest for the 31 Armor Co does not list the two M4/105's in the company HQ. The counters are correct.

10. One 76mm Inf Gun from Arty-18 has a movement of 6, it should be a 3 like the others.

11. The 240 Chinese Regiment is missing its Guards Company. This should be three platoons like the other Gd Companies, but with a morale of 2.

12. The US 105mm Artillery Markers Bad Shoot side should have a strength of 5, not 6.

13. In 1.1b (last para) A hex is Rice Paddy if any part of it has the symbol in it. This is not restricted to the what is printed on the center dot.

14. In 1.1f, Hagaru-ri is the group of five buildings centered on 14.21 (remember these are treated as open hexes).

15. In 3.4 replace the last sentence with "No more than three mortars may ever respond to a single overwatch trigger". The idea being that no more than three mortars are "stacked" off map...limiting what you can fire at once.

16. Wpn 3/1 should have one more MG Section and two more 81mm Mortar Platoons.


2-11 Raging Storm (3 Oct 10)

1. The "2nd" 24th Guards Brigade title on the Battalion Morale Sheet should tell you that the Gordons are actually from the 2nd Brigade.

2. Several entries in the Counter Manifest I made up from the counters are in error...when in doubt, use the counters (I made the manifest from the counters...they are the base).

3. D-6 Hgld is missing one infantry platoon, there should be three like the other companies.

4. A Support Group and C Support Group (2/7 Mdsx MG Bn) should have the organization listed in 2.4 (a). In other words, each of these two groups should have 4x HMG, 1x 4.2 in Mortar, and 1x Bren in addition to those they already have (I mistakenly made all three groups the same as the smaller B Group.)

5. In 3.1a, the German player can target "up to" three batteries from the given list at any one BDA. He does not have enough batteries to target three at each one. Also, the assigned batteries can be any of those available (no organizational limitations).

6. 328 Battery, 81 AT should have 2x Bren, not 1x Bren.

7. There is one too many MG section in each of the 11 FJ Battalions. There should be four each, not five.

8. The "3-29" Pz Bn is actually supposed to be I-29 Pz Bn.

9. The artillery markers referring to "43 Arty" actually belong to 3 Arty. Furthermore, the markers are not numbered in the correct German scheme of batteries (i.e. 1,2,3 in I Bn, 4,5,6 in II Bn, 7, 8,9 in III Bn and so on).

10. 2 Co, 165 Engineer Bn should actually be 3 Co, 165 Eng Bn. Also, its Mortar should be a 4 like the others.

11. In 1.6, just so it is clear, Heavy Rain lasts for the entire hour, if at night. (No partial game turn weather.)

12. In 4.1a, "one die x 1-2" should be "one die x 1/2".

13. Set Up Notes: British set ups in BDAs are inclusive of the boundary's hexes. Scenario 5 includes both maps, not just A. 2.4 specifies that 2/7 Mddlsx and 81 AT set up with their respective brigades, it should also mention that these units can be divided in any way desired among the BDAs of their parent Brigades with all, some, or none of their units in any of the respective BDAs.

14. Each company in II-725 and II-71 should have only one Mortar Platoon, not two. Throw away the extra one per company ...so that each battalion has a total of two Mortar units, not four.

15. The LnS Battalion should have the six 6 ldr AT Guns the other battalions come equipped with. This battalion looks like it is short a Mortar Platoon and a Bren, but that is correct (the battalion was off-loaded quickly and did not have all of its heavy equipment yet).

16. One MG Section from II-104 PG has a movement allowance of 6 on the counter, it should be a 5 like the others.

17. The VP awards for the Campaign Scenarios are cumulative. For example, if you inflict 70 step losses on the British in scenario 5.2, the German player gets 25 VPs, not just the 15 listed with the 70 Step notation.

Scenario 3 (pg 19) German Information, Historical Orders, change to: "Up to three platoons each (6 total) from I-145 and II-145 can execute the Infiltration Movement."

Scenario 4 (pg 19), British Setup:  below the words "No Minefields" add the following: "All these units are on a prepared defensive op sheet within the SGds BDA."  German Information: below the words "The above enter through Entry Area 1 on or after turn 1" add the following:

Historical Orders:

Destroy the enemy entrenched around Vallelata Farm (B13.22) and occupy the position.

Scenario 5 (pg 20), German Setup: I-11FJ, in B20.28 change "2xMG" to "1xMG"; II-11 FJ, in A11.07 change "3xMG" to "2xMG".

Scenario 6 (pg 20)

Map Area: Map A, but no further south than hexrow Axx.06

British Setup: B Company, platoon in A25.04 should set up in A25.09.

German Setup: II Bn, 71 PG Regt, change "8 Company (Mortars):" to "5-II Mtr & 6-II Mtr:"; II Bn, 725 Gr Regt, change "8 Company (Mortars):" to "6-II Mtr & 7-II Mtr:"; all four mortars set up in A33.22, but they are part of the infantry companies, not part of the two battalions' heavy weapons ("No. 8") companies", which do not appear in the game.


2-12 A Frozen Hell (28 Nov 2000)

1. The Finnish 5/2/JR 16 company was printed with eight infantry platoons. Four of these are actually 5/2/JR 16, the other four should be marked as 6/2/JR 16.

2. The TEC and the rules contradict when it comes to the terrain type of the frozen lakes. The TEC is right and the terrain type is Billiard Table.

3. Change the definition of Lake Hexes in 1.4 such that hexes containing just the boundary (not a complete Lake Hex) are Woods (or whatever) as per the non-lake part of the hex.

4. In scenario 8.1, the Finnish 8/3/JR 37 company sets up w/i 3 B35.29, ignore the 1.

5. In 3.1c, FOs are said to be removed when stack with any Soviet and only when stacked with one of their batteries. It is the latter.


2-14  Screaming Eagles in Holland (15 Aug 2009

1.1a clarification: For non-vehicles treat Wet Ground as Partly Protective for all purposes except treat it as Open terrain for spotting ranges.

1.1d (clarification) Roads passing through canal hexes may be used normally, since units are allowed to enter canal hexes as long as they remain on 'their side' of the canal. Remember also that canals do not count for combat modifiers; use the base terrain of the hex. In addition, units in a canal hex cannot be spotted for direct fires by units on the other side of the canal. (This is logical but is not handled by normal TCS rules that do not consider blocking terrain in the target's hex.)

1.1f (clarification) Windmills and Church Spires are 20m in height. LOS is blocked if it passes through the building symbol. LOS is not blocked if it passes through only the cross atop the Spires or the Windmill blades. Notional spotters have an elevation of 30 meters allowing them to see over surrounding 20m high buildings.

1.1g (b) Change to River “hexsides” (There are no river “hexes”.)

1.2(b) (correction) The final dr must be the indicated number or GREATER to destroy the bridge.

1.5 (clarification) Units with optional Truck or HT movement are indicated with either a 't' (truck) or 'h' (halftrack) after the movement factor on the counter. The movement factor itself is for foot movement (i.e. manhandling guns).

2.1d (a) For the Artillery Adjustment Table start on the column of the nationality of the firing battery.

Scenario 5.2c

  • (clarification). Allied setup in A 19.06, A 17.02, A 15.01 is as printed. Both groups set up in the same hexes.
  • Note: The 2 MG units of 81AT do not appear in this scenario.
  • w/i 3 of A24.02 change to:

    F/2/501 (1x Mortar)
    G/2/501 (1x Mortar)
    H/2/501 (2x Mortar)

  • Victory conditions: (change) For this scenario, award the VPs for control if the Germans control one side of a bridge, and the VPs for 'destroyed' if they control both sides of the bridge at the end of the scenario.

Scenario 5.2d

  • (correction) The scenario ends at 1400 Hours, 22 Sept.
  • C/Royal Dragoons (2xDAC, 2xDSC) setup “w/i 10 of B19.22” (“B19.2” is a typo).
  • Reinforcements (clarification): All allied reinforcements enter with an implemented Op Sheet.

Counter Manifest & Order of Battle:

  • Each battalion of the 327 GIR has 4 MGs, not 3. The countermix is correct.
  • The 60mm mortar section of I/3/327 GIR is printed as AA6 on the reverse; it should read AA4 as the game's other 60mm mortars do.
  • (clarification): Co Hoefer is a part of KG Richter.
  • (clarification): KG Frundsberg consists of KG Richter, the 10SS AA Flak Bn and the 10 SS StG Bn.

Terrain Effects Chart:

  • For Wet Ground, Track movement, the cost should be 5(8). Delete the '1'.
  • (clarification):  Armored cars use the “Truck” column of the TEC for movement costs.

Turn Record Track:

  • The 1600, 1620 and 1640 turns were inadvertently omitted from the track. They still exist however!

Screaming Eagles in Holland update for 4.0 rules (August 2009)

1.5 Transport.  v4.0 24.2 Integrated Carriers overrides these rules where appropriate.
1.6b Illumination. Ignore this rule (now covered by v4.0 rules directly)
1.7 Special B Type Targets. Ignore this rule (now covered by v4.0 rules)


3-01 Force Eagle's War (Before 6 Dec 94)

1. Two of 2/E's ITV's were printed with the same info on the front and back. The backs of these units should read P B 15, like the others.

2. Modern Expansion rule 3.3c is in error. The T-80 may fire an AT-8 or its main gun during a single fire never both ;and this dual system does not free it from the standard "one shot per unit rule."


2-14 Bloody Ridge (Aug 12)

1.  3.2a Japanese notional spotter for naval bombardment is at 20m. Naval bombardments may not be withheld—they must be fired the turn they are available or they are lost. LOS for naval bombardment may be of any length and is not affected by night visibility. However, any other modifiers for night still apply.

2.  5.2 The Planned Assault. First Turn: 2000, 12 Sep., Last Turn: 0600, 13 Sep. Number of turns is 13 turns.

3.  5.2 The Planned Assault). Japanese set-up: reference to 70mm IG should read 75mm IG: 11-124-18; 124-18 (1x75mm IG, 2x37mm AT)

4.  5.3 The Planned Assault (extended). Japanese reinforcements includes the 1-4-2. should be the 2-4-2.


2-15 GD 42 (1 Aug 09)

Terrain Chart TIF

1.  Counters: The Soviet 2-39 Tk counter is incorrectly marked as 1-39 Tk on the front. The back of the counter is correct.

2.  Terrain Effects Chart: The terrain elevations were omitted from the chart. Buildings are 5m high and Villages are 10m high.

3.  Soviet Morale Chart: 3 Co 39th TK should list 5x T-70.

4.  Addition: 1.4g * One Motorized Battalion and one tank battalion may be attached to 1 Gd Tk/49 Tk from 1. 3 or 10 Mech.

5.  Optional rule: Because the tank regiments in 1, 3 and 10 Mech may be split up, players may if they wish track vehicle morale separately for each tank battalion. The loss number for each tank battalion is [1].

6.  1.4g 4) …must entail the capture of ONE (and only one) German controlled VP Village or passing through an exit area to exit the map.

7.  2.5 German Radio Interception. Add: At the beginning of a scenario, the Soviet player informs the German player of all VP village goals after both sides have set up and drawn up game-initial Op Sheets.

8.  2.2/3.3 Sorties (clarification): If sorties are received on a Snow turn, they are immediately lost.

9. 3.1e Pre-planned Barrages (clarification): At the start of any scenario, pre-planned barrages can be plotted freely to arrive any turn desired, including the first turn. Once a scenario begins, eligible artillery may plot pre-planned barrages to arrive any turn at least 6 hours after the turn they are plotted. Because pre-planned barrages cannot be cancelled, this means that the artillery with a plotted pre-planned barrage cannot be used for anything else during the time between the plot and the firing of the barrage.

10.  (addition): Barrages last between 1-3 turns. After the first turn, any target hex may be plotted to move to any hex w/i 3 hexes of the last hex. This allows walking or creeping barrages.

11.  4.1 Scenario is 25 turns long German Information: Ammunition: 105mm - 30xHE instead of 15xHE

12.  4.2 German Information Ammunition: 105mm - 30xHE instead of 15xHE .

13.  4.3 Scenario is 26 turns long German Information Ammunition: 105mm - 60xHE instead of 30xHE.

14.  4.3 Victory conditions (change): “In addition, the Soviet player reduces his Victory Point total by 3 if the German player controls both sides of the Bogoroditskoe Bridge [Historical draw].” .

15.  4.5 German Information Ammunition: 150mm - 15xHE instead of 10xHE .

16.  4.6 German Information Ammunition: 150mm - 15xHE instead of 10xHE

17.  4.7 Soviet Information: Delete reference to Bogoroditskoe Bridge: no hours have been accumulated. .

18.  4.7 German Information Ammunition:

  • 105mm: 100xHE, 20xSmk, 2xIll
  • 150mm: 40xHE

19. German Order of Arrival: 30 Nov 1340: Delete (4xAA), only 8xSdkfz 6/2 arrive.